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Strategy+business (s+b), the award-winning business and management content publication from PwC, has been inspiring business executives with breakthrough ideas for over 25 years.

The s+b digital issue continues that tradition through a bold new format designed to fit seamlessly into your busy day. Featuring quick-hit summaries, in-depth analysis, interactive data and visual storytelling, each issue explores a specific topic on the boardroom agenda and is created to help business leaders turn big challenges into clear strategies.

Additionally, s+b's new Take on Tomorrow podcast convenes experts from across the world to take on society's biggest problems.

Strategy+business. Same deep insights. Bold new formats.
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Latest issue

Empower to transform

Making the right moves with your people—and avoiding the wrong ones—enables change and improves business performance. This issue of strategy+business highlights three such moves, all revolving around a single, overarching imperative: empowering people

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Past issues

Climate challenge = climate opportunity

By breaking down big challenges into small ones, organizations can address climate change while finding business opportunities.

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Uncover the hidden levers of power

Harnessing trust, dynamically allocating resources, and striving for strategic coherence can create value in uncertain times.

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Take on

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To understand the biggest problems facing society and the role business can—and should—play in solving them, follow the brand new podcast from strategy+business. Episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays.

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