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In control of employment costs and risks

Employees are an organisation’s biggest cost and its biggest risk. Dealing with wages and incentives - and the employment taxes and other statutory on-costs paid to the authorities - as well as administration of the process is complicated and fraught with risks. Organisations are increasingly complex with businesses in multiple territories, complex interactions among stakeholders, workers crossing borders every day and the myriad different country and regional legislation and taxation regimes to deal with. Added to this are new business models and an increasingly non-traditional workforce mix, bringing together employees and a vast array of different contractual arrangements, ‘gig’ talent and other contingent workers.

“In an increasingly complex global environment, employers face unique challenges in dealing with the tax implications of recruiting, rewarding, retaining and incentivising their employees, particularly when you consider an environment where location is no longer such an issue.”

John Harding, John Harding, Global Employment Tax & Payroll Leader

Do you know how much you pay in global employment taxes and what element of this is controllable? How do you keep up to date with current or impending legislative change? Will your organisation be impacted by minimum wage or pay discrimination reporting in one or more of your trading locations? Are you using your payroll function to incorporate people analytics and reporting capabilities?

Global Employment Taxes Newsletter

As countries around the world emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, there continues to be a focus on employment tax and employee support related measures. For some jurisdictions this means the end of support measures and also of COVID-19 related exemptions. It also, in some cases, heralds an increased scrutiny from tax authorities regarding historic activities.

There is also a clear recognition that the world of work is changing and, in some instances, this is reflected in the way in which governments are looking to continue the support for hybrid working through employment tax measures. And, of course, this edition also reflects that for many countries there has been the start of a new tax year.

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How we can help you

PwC’s employment tax and cost specialists take a proactive and global approach to the often neglected on-costs associated with remunerating a workforce. We also look at how effectively company employment tax functions support corporate business needs and strong compliance and governance. We look for ways to reduce a company’s workforce costs without reducing the size of its workforce. We can help with:

Employment tax

We help you understand and comply with your employer taxation obligations and to prepare for tax authority reviews. We help you validate your internal processes to control risks and costs and - if compliance failures occur - we work with you on remediation and can negotiate with tax authorities on your behalf.

Employment risk

We help you understand and mitigate current and emerging employment risks caused by legislation and regulation - including minimum wage, pay ratios and other pay fairness issues. We help you strengthen your risk management controls, policies and procedures. We work closely with PwC’s employment lawyers to identify risks related to employment structures and contracts.

Employment cost reduction

We help you understand your total employment tax costs and to identify the controllable element. We help you restructure pay and benefits arrangements, such as salary sacrifice schemes, flexible working arrangements and cost-effective benefit schemes to reduce employer costs. We help you develop policies and processes to support cost reduction strategies. We use data and analytics to help you diagnose employment cost issues - including our Halo for Employee Expenses analytics to identify expense policy savings.

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Employment tax strategy

We work with our clients to help develop their global employment tax strategy, prioritising key compliance imperatives, with particular focus on risk, reporting and systems in support of corporate business drivers.

Payroll consulting

We can help you review the current design of your payroll delivery model and efficiency of your payroll function. We work with you to define the key requirements of improved payroll solutions and can help you create vendor selection criteria and advise on appropriate vendors that are right for your unique business. We can support you to review your risk and control infrastructure and advise on best practice governance of your payroll function. We also help you make the most of your payroll data and to get your people analytics right.

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